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Tactical and Practical Outdoor Gear




Super-simple, and the most foolproof way to light fires. The BlastMatch operates with one hand, so you can shield it from the wind with the other or if one of your arms has been injured or immobilized. Depress the spring-loaded bar against a hard surface to generate a stream of sparks, 3 times hotter than a match.

Features and Specifications:

  • Works in all weather conditions

  • Flint bar rotates to ensure even wear - good for about 4,000 strikes

  • Carbide striker

  • Lock button and cover prevent accidental activation

  • For conventional operation, strike the flint bar with the back of a knife blade

  • Dimensions are 10 x 6.3 x 2.5 cm

  • Colour: Green


  • 1. Place tinder in prepared fire building area.

  • 2. Place thumb cap next to striker tab, against the lip of the cap. Press in and up to release the cap, exposing the spring-loaded flint bar.

  • 3. Push end cap over flint bar and slide to rear of the fire starter body. Fit cap on rear of fire starter body.

  • 4. Place thumb on striker tab and press down with medium pressure.

  • 5. While maintaining pressure with your thumb on the striker tab, plunge the body of the fire starter down the striker bar. Initiate a few strikes to remove black oxide coating and expose bare flint.

Model: Ultimate Survival Technologies UST 1156801