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The Stainless Steel Bottle Cooking Kit - a complete cooking kit for your adventures outdoors! With a Coyote Tan molle bag with shoulder strap and newly upgraded ferro rod.

Perfect for camping or hiking, this collection of equipment that stores easily into one convenient bag has everything for your cooking needs.   

This kit is a good saving over purchasing the items individually...


GEN 3 Pathfinder Stainless Steel 32oz. (1 litre) Bottle, Cup and Lid Set

Whether you are a casual hiker, a hunter, a prepper, an extreme outdoor enthusiast or serving a tour of duty in the jungles of Peru, you are one mechanical injury away from finding yourself in a real survival situation. Let's face it, at that point, your two primary concerns are always going to be hydration and core temperature regulation, that is why this kit is a MUST HAVE in your pack.

The GEN3 Pathfinder Widemouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Nesting Cup were designed so the bottle will nest inside the cup for convenient and compact storage. Not all containers are created equal, and in a survival situation, unless your container can withstand direct fire for the purposes of boiling/disinfecting water, the effects of water borne pathogens are quickly going to add to your list of troubles. The widemouth design of this bottle allows you to easily obtain water from the shallowest of water pools, which will help conserve precious calories and energy that can be used to aid in your rescue or to affect your own self-rescue.

The Pathfinder Widemouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle was designed to hold exactly 32oz (1 litre) of liquid. Why you ask? The reason is simple. Purification tablets are typically added to 32oz (1 litre) of water, that being the case, you can simply fill your bottle and add the tablets. No more measuring, no more worry. The nesting cup has foldable "bat wing" handles and also has measurement graduations laser etched on the inside. Set Includes:

  • 32oz (1 litre) Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Bottle with Flat Cap

  • 25oz Stainless Steel Cup with 'bat wing' handles

  • A Stainless Steel Cup Lid with straining holes


  • Stainless Steel is 304 grade, .5mm thick.

  • Flat Cap is ABS plastic with a stainless steel insert and a silicone ring seal

  • Bottle dimensions: 8" tall, 3¾" diameter (with cap)

  • Cup dimensions: 4½" tall, 3¾" diameter

  • Cup graduations on the inside of the cup: 16oz, 20oz, 25oz and 500ml, 600ml, 700ml

Pathfinder Stainless Steel Bottle Stove

Stainless Steel Bottle Stove! A perfect companion to the 32oz Pathfinder Bottle and Cup set.

Compatible with the Pathfinder GEN2 and GEN3 Bottle and Cup Sets.


  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

  • 3.75" diameter x 3.25" high

  • 3.3 ounces

  • Pathfinder and Canteen Shop logos laser etched on front of the stove

  • This stove will nest with the Pathfinder Stainless Steel Cup

New! Ferrocerium Rod with Whistle Striker - Orange

Start a fire easily and quickly with just a spark. This ferro rod produces a 5,400°F (approx) spark, which gives you a great advantage in any weather conditions.


  • Rod is 5/16" in diameter

  • Weight0.1 lb

  • Orange handle

  • Produces a 5,400°F (approx.) spark

  • Whistle in striker

Bottle Hanger

Use this to remove your bottle from the fire saving you from the possibility of getting burned. Bottle Hanger is 100% manganese/spring steel, rust-resistant and will maintain elasticity.

Fits Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottles; The Pathfinder 32oz and 64oz Bottles; 25oz and 48oz Cups and Pathfinder Canteen.

Mini Inferno

Being cold is tough. So is eating cold food. Never again will the elements determine your fate when it comes to keeping warm or enjoying a nice hot meal. The journey from no fire to sure fire couldn't be easier. Simply tear a disc to expose the fibers and hit it with a spark, it's that easy. Each disc provides 5-7 minutes of flame providing you with ample time to turn your mini fire into a sustainable heat source for core temperature control and camp cooking. Even in harsh, wet and flat out soggy environments, Mini Inferno is your way to sure fire anytime, every time. When you carry an Inferno, you're never left out in the cold. If you like using Vaseline and cotton balls, you will love this product!


  • Each disc burns for 5-7 minutes

  • 100% Waterproof - Moisture actually increases burn time!

  • 6 Mini Inferno Discs

  • Extremely long shelf life

More about the container:

  • Tin diameter 2½ inches

  • Create Char Cloth

  • Use the lid as a signaling device

  • Holds 6 Mini Inferno discs (colour of disc may vary)

Made in the USA by Self Reliance Outfitters

Pathfinder Stainless Steel Spork

Made of 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel

Overall length: 8 in

Gen 3 Pathfinder Bottle Bag - Coyote Tan


  • 600 Denier polyester

  • Front zippered outside pouch 8" H x 5.25" W

  • Adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad and molle

  • MOLLE with two integrated PALS straps

  • Designed to hold up to a 64oz bottle

  • Main inside compartment measures 11" H X 5.5" D

  • Embroidered pathfinder logo

  • Designed by Self Reliance Outfitters®

Model: Self Reliance Outfitters (Pathfinder) SRO-BCK-PF-TAN