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The First Workout Towel for Physical Fitness Training - from McNett Tactical.

When you need a gym towel that holds up to the rigorous demands of your training regimen, only one fitness towel will do. The PT Pod™ by McNett® Tactical is the first PT towel designed specifically for physical fitness training.

The PT Pod is a pocket-sized workout towel that folds into its own storage pod for compact storage. Featuring a zippered security pocket to store valuables when exercising, this high-performance microfibre towel absorbs five times its weight in water, but dries much quicker than standard issue towels. *SILVADUR™ silver antimicrobial ions inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria and fungi, keeping the towel fresh and odour-free.

Toss one in your workout bag, or use the included snap loop to attach it to clothes, gear or exercise equipment. The compact size and easy attachments ensure you’ll always have an exercise towel nearby.

Our Towels Are Tools™

  • Workout Towel Ideal for Physical Fitness Training
  • *SILVADUR Silver Antimicrobial Ions Inhibit the Growth of Odour Causing Bacteria and Fungi
  • Microfibre Fitness Towel Folds Into Itself for Compact Storage
  • Zippered Security Pocket for Storing Valuables While Exercising
  • Absorbent Towel Soaks Up Large Volumes of Liquid
  • Microfibre Fabric Dries Faster Than Standard Towels Inhibiting Odors
  • Gently Removes Oil, Dirt and Perspiration from Hands, Face and Body
  • Hanging Loop with Name Tag Attaches to Clothes, Gear or Exercise Equipment
  • Patented Sewn Grommets Cinch and Secure Towel
  • Headphone Port
  • Silent Zipper Pull
  • Coyote Brown
  • 20" x 32"
  • Weight with packaging: 90g (3.2oz)
Model: McNett Tactical 43200
*SILVADUR - all Ultra Compact Microfiber Towels sold under the McNett® Tactical brand are now treated with SILVADUR™ silver antimicrobial ions. SILVADUR keeps the towel fabric fresh and odor-free by inhibiting the growth of microbes. The antimicrobial technology prevents unpleasant odors, decay and discoloration by preventing the growth of bacteria in the first place.

Our microfiber towels have always led the pack in terms of versatility and features. From patented sewn grommets, snap loops and retention straps to the free toiletry bag. Now that we’ve added the SILVADUR treatment by Dow consumers can grab the towel that truly has it all.

The SILVADUR silver antimicrobial technology offers superior performance over the competition. SILVADUR's patented technology delivers silver ions to fabric surfaces and activates them in the presence of undesirable bacteria. Only SILVADUR uses the world's most advanced intelligent control mechanism to deliver this technology. During testing, after 50 rigorous launderings, SILVADUR still had a 99% antimicrobial control rate against bacteria and fungi.

In addition, SILVADUR has been approved as non-toxic by the International OEKO-TEX® Association. Tested at 10 times the recommended dosage and use levels, SILVADUR is proven to neither irritate nor cause sensitizations in humans. It is truly a durable antimicrobial that can stand up to real life.