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The Streamlight Pro Tac® HPL USB is a versatile tactical light that can charge from multiple sources and use three battery types; Streamlight rechargeable lithium ion battery, two CR123A batteries, or commercially available Rechargeable Li Ion cells (see Battery detail below). This light will charge from a laptop or most USB wall chargers. Multi battery versatility means you can always use primary disposable cells to power the light when a charging source is not available. Designed for use in all markets, it features a tail cap switch for momentary or constant on operation, three different user selectable programs and a pocket clip for convenience. The aluminum housing with Type II Military Spec anodizing helps make the light extremely durable and abrasion resistant. Packaged with a removable pocket clip and holster. Available in Black.

Multi-function, push-button tactical tail switch. One handed operation of momentary, variable intensity or strobe mode. TEN-TAP® programmable switch allows user selection of one of three different programs: high/strobe/low (factory default), high only, or low/medium/high.

Features and Specifications:

  • Long-range illumination provides a 374m beam distance (High)

  • USB rechargeable

  • Multi-Fuel – uses lithium ion battery; also accepts Streamlight SL-B26 protected Li-Ion USB rechargeable battery pack or CR123A

  • Integrated safety circuit protects battery from overcharge/overdischarge

  • High Lumens: 1,000

  • Run Time On High: 1.5 Hours

  • Run Time On Low: 20.0 Hours

  • Beam Distance: 374 Metres

  • Max Candela: 35,000

  • Battery Type: Streamlight SL-B26 Protected Li-Ion USB Rechargeable Battery Pack (included), Lithium Ion Cell Pack, CR123A Lithium

  • Battery Quantity: 1-2

  • Length: 7.08 Inches (17.98 Centimeters)

  • Weight: 9.24 Ounces (261.95 Grams)

  • Colour: Black

CAUTION: The ProTac® HLP USB provides a powerful beam. When operated for a long time, it will get uncomfortably warm. This is NORMAL and is not a defect. Any LED flashlight of similar size and performance will produce similar amounts of heat during operation. The only way to reduce operating heat is to SIGNIFICANTLY lower the output, or increase the size of the flashlight. While this heating may trigger the drop reflex if an unattended hot light is picked up, the temperature does not present a burn hazard. When used tactically for short periods of time to clear a room, check for intruders, etc., heating will not be a problem.


The ProTac® HLP USB features a programmable switch with momentary operation (light press or tap) and constant on operation (press until click). The light is shipped from the factory in the default High-Strobe-Low program.

• High: Tap and hold; click to lock on; click again for off.

• Strobe: Fast double-tap (within 0.4 seconds) and hold; click to lock on; click again for off.

• Low: Fast triple-tap (within 0.4 seconds per tap) and hold; click to lock on; click again for off.

Accessing Other Programs

The ProTac® HLP USB features a TEN-TAP® programmable switch allowing the user to select one of three different programs. To change to the next program, starting from the “Off” position, tap the switch rapidly 9 times (within 0.4 seconds per tap) and hold it down the 10th time. Continue holding the switch until the light turns off (approximately 1 second), then release the switch.

Available programs are High-Strobe-Low (Factory Default), High Only or Low-Medium-High.

Charging the Streamlight Lithium Ion Battery

To charge the included Streamlight lithium ion battery (Part #74175), slide the stepped cover on the neck of the light back until it stops, exposing the micro USB connector and charge indicator LED.

Using the supplied cord, plug the micro USB connector into the mating socket on the light. For easy plug alignment, align the “SL” on the cord’s micro USB plug with the “SL” engraved on the barrel of the light. Then, plug the standard USB connector into a USB port on your computer or other USB accessible port. 

If you have Streamlight’s USB/AC charger, you can plug the USB connector into the wall plug adapter and charge the light using AC power.

Charge Indication LED

Light features a charge indictor LED:

- LED Red: Charging

- LED Green: Fully Charged


When charging a Streamlight Protac® HLP USB that has been completely exhausted, the charge indicator LED will initially remain green for 7-10 minutes. Normal charging indication (Red LED lit) will resume once battery pre-charge is complete. 

Charge Time

The light has a digital control circuit that prevents overcharge. The battery fully recharges in 7 hours with the Streamlight AC/USB Charger and charges the battery in the light. 

NOTE: The 7 hour charge time assumes 1000 mA output of the AC/USB charger. (Most computer USB power ports range from 100 to 500 mA.)


If you don’t have a charging source available, you can remove the Streamlight lithium ion rechargeable battery and use either two 3V CR123A batteries or one “lithium Ion 18650 protected cylindrical 3.7V 2200mAh “button top” rechargeable battery”

NOTE: Do not use rechargeable CR123 batteries in the light as the reduced mAh rating of the cells will result is very poor run time.

Replace the Streamlight Lithium Ion Cell with Primary CR123A Batteries

Remove the tail cap. A light shake of the barrel in a downward manner into your hand will release the Streamlight lithium ion cell from the patented cell-centering fingers. 

Place the CR123 batteries into the tube, positive end first, and replace the tail cap. While the light will function the same as if the lithium ion cell is in the light, run times will be affected.

There is no risk of accidentally charging the CR123A cells in the light as the patented design protects the cells from being able to be charged. 

Replace the Streamlight Lithium Ion Cell with a Commercially Available Lithium Ion cell

The light will also function if you install a commercially available “lithium Ion 18650 protected cylindrical 3.7V 2600mAh “button top” rechargeable battery” that has its own charging cradle system. (Note: These type of cells will not charge in the light.)

Remove and replace the Streamlight cell as instructed above for Primary CR123A batteries.

Charging LED Function with Alternate Batteries Installed 

If CR123A batteries or a commercially available lithium ion battery are placed in the light and the micro USB power cord is plugged in, the LED charge indicator will immediately glow Green. Please note that it will NOT charge the CR123A batteries or commercially available lithium ion cell.

Run Time Note

There is “no end of run time notification.” The light will simply turn off when the battery power is fully depleted.

Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Streamlight warrants this product to be free of defects for a lifetime of use except for batteries and bulbs, abuse and normal wear. We will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of this product should we determine it to be defective. This limited lifetime warranty also excludes rechargeable batteries, chargers, switches and electronics which have a 2 year warranty with proof of purchase. THIS IS THE ONLY WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED EXCEPT WHERE SUCH LIMITATION IS PROHIBITED BY LAW. You may have other specific legal rights which vary by jurisdiction. Go to www.streamlight.com/support for a complete copy of the warranty, and information on product registration and the location of authorized service centers. Retain your receipt for proof of purchase.


It is important to keep the O-ring on the tail cap lubricated. Streamlight recommends the factory or authorized service centers for any repairs.

Model: Streamlight 88077